A note for you (and a gift!)

To our dear Katra Subscribers,

Happy New Year! May 2021 be filled with good health, good fortune, and safety for you and your family.

Our team hopes this message finds you and your loved ones remaining resilient and well. We thank you again for your patience in the delayed receival of your most recent Katra Box.

We would like to provide some further background on the delayed shipment of your Winter Box. Unfortunately, supply chain and worker capacity due to COVID-19 has continued to affect our vendors and partners across the board. While these pandemic effects have been happening for almost a year now, the last few months were particularly unique in industry-wide disruptions due to the holiday demands. As you may be aware, the U.S. Postal Service (whom we use both to receive our goods and send out our boxes to you all) has been experiencing unprecedented order volumes and very limited employee availability, both of which has severely disrupted mailing and shipments, ever since Black Friday. As you can imagine, disruptions of this sort hit small businesses even harder. This was most notably present this season for us as we worked with our small business box supplier, who was severely short staffed, as a result of pandemic safety precautions, and was affected by the disruptions in supply chain, which did not allow them to get materials on time.

As we manage delays in orders from our own vendors, the Katra Box Team has been taking extra safety precautions, too, during this pandemic, which only exacerbates the issue of delays. For us, this has looked like only one team member opening inventory, disinfecting inventory, and packing boxes to get them shipment ready. We have been taking precautions to keep you all safe, but also to keep our own team safe. We thank you for giving us grace as we manage these inconveniences from both ends and do our best to provide you with honest customer service.

If you have absolutely any questions or concerns, you can reach us via email (hello@thekatrabox.com) and we will be more than happy to help. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding through this inconvenience, we would like to offer you $10 off an order of our new Intro Box with code THANKS10. Valid until April 15, 2021. These boxes are the perfect gift! They feature the same amazing companies that we introduce to you all, with the same promise of always being valued at $100 or more.

We thank you all for your continued patience during this time. We are committed to always getting you your boxes as quickly and safely as possible, and even more, we are committed to always remaining transparent with you all. We hope you absolutely love your Winter Box.


CEO of The Katra Box